How and what we do

Real estate? Construction? Hospitality? our 3D environments have something for you. We capture all of our projects with the Matterport Pro 2 camera which delivers high quality imaging and stitching resulting in a professional immersive experience for your customers.

Scanning a building with 140 square meters of space will take 1hour to capture and 3 hours to process ready for viewing and further editing if required. A link is then generated which can be sent to your customers and viewed on any smart device or computer with an internet connection. A code which allows you to embed a link of the project into your business webpage can also be generated, thus allowing for high exposure to potential customers visiting your website.

Projects are kept on remote servers which means they are available 24/7, backed up regularly and will not take up any memory on your hardware. Another added benefit is the project can be accessed on multiple devices all at once so everyone is on the same page. As soon as the project is no longer needed it will be removed, this could be when a house has been sold, construction has been completed or the agreed amount of time the project is hosted on the servers for a hotel or restaurant has expired. 

See a property from every angle.

See a property from every angle.